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Metadium is an ecosystem built on a public identity blockchain

Our vision is to create a free world through self-sovereign identity.
Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)
The Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) model enables individuals to not only possess sole ownership of their online and offline identities, but also to control the sharing and distribution of their personal data without intermediary.

Metadium Decentralized Identifier (DID) is formally registered at the W3C-CCG DID Method Registry.
Users must control their identities.
Users must agree to the use of their identity.
Disclosure of user data must be minimized.
The rights of users must be protected.
SSI principle: Protection
SSI principle: Minimization
SSI principle: Consent
SSI principle: Control
The best way to implement an SSI ecosystem would be through blockchain technology, which provides individuals with the ownership of their personal data.

Metadium blockchain is a decentralized storage of value. The proofs of each user's verified information will be stored in the Metadium public blockchain, while personal information will be stored only on the user's device.
Metadium blockchain abides by SSI principles of control, transparency, consent, minimization and protection.
Claim & Achievement
Metadium allows to merge online and offline identities to create a more complete digital identity. Metadium's Claim & Achievement System is what makes it possible.
Achievement is a reward system triggered by a single or a set of claims to foster interaction within the Metadium blockchain ecosystem.
Claims are action based individual attributes designed, verified and issued by network participants.
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If you are interested in becoming our investor, please feel free to contact us.
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Bo Shen
Founding Partner of FenBushi Capital
Founding partner of FenBuShi Capital, the first venture capital that invests exclusively in blockchain-enabled companies. Also co-founded Invictus Innovations.
Jack Liu
Managing Director at Circle
Managing Director at Circle
Founding partner of J.L. Partners. Also co-founded the company's subsequent platforms OKLinks and OKEx. Currently serves as Head of Trading, Asia Pacific, at Circle.
Vincent Zhou
Founding Partner of FBG Capital
Vincent is an early investor of a broad spectrum of blockchain companies. He is considered as one of the most well-connected and visionary crypto-hedge fund managers.
Renqi Shen
CIO of BlockAsset
Renqi focuses on finding companies with solutions enabling blockchain to solve real-world problems. He is now a CIO of BlockAsset overseeing deals in crypto-assets.
Kyungmo Kim
Director at Mirae Asset
He is leading investments in internet/mobile tech companies across various sectors at Mirae Asset. Prior to Mirae Asset, he was a consultant at Accenture's retail practice.
Yiseul Cho
Founder of Perceptra
Influential entrepreneur in the blockchain industry. She has participated in many ICO projects as an advisor. She is a founder of blockchain startup accelerator Perceptra Network.
Brian Lio
CEO of Smith + Crown
CEO of Smith + Crown, a research organization studying the breadth of the public blockchain space with a focus on global trends, industry intelligence and cryptoeconomic systems.
Matt Chwierut
Research Director at Smith + Crown
Matt Chwierut directs research at Smith + Crown. Matt helps translate evolving blockchain technology to a broader audience waking up to its possibilities.
Darius Rugevicius
Founder and Managing Partner at Connect Capital
Early investor and advisor in number of blockchain companies. He is engineering value for dedicated teams and state of the art projects.
Roger Ver
Served as a CEO of MemoryDealers, the first mainstream business to accept bitcoins as payment. Roger is known as the most prolific Bitcoin-related startup investor.
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